Queen T25 Sid Dickens Memory Block


Queen T25 Sid Dickens Memory Block

Queen T25 Sid Dickens Memory Block is part of the 1998 Collection

About This Collection

In addition, and sure to be a best-seller among avid collectors is the long-awaited “Piano Key” Memory Block. This handcrafted tile brings back to life piano keys found in a burnt-out concert hall in Eastern Europe. The stark geometry and tactile quality of this tile evokes memories of the last sonata played that is now awaiting the first chord of the new millennium.

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are handcrafted & hand designed plaster tiles made in Vancouver, by the famous Sid Dickens.
They’re produced with the best materials to an exceptional quality where they are then cracked to create an aged look and feel.
Each Sid Dickens Tile is made from hand-poured plaster and is hand-painted by Sid-Dickens artists who also apply different finishes, including silver and gold leafing.
Memory Blocks are then hand-stained to ensure the consistency of style through different tiles.

Any blocks we don’t currently have in stock can be ordered and lead times can be discussed during your enquiry.

Size: 6X8 in. | Please note that slight differences, when compared to the image, should be expected due to the handmade nature of the Queen T25 Sid Dickens Memory Block.

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Dimensions 15.24 × 20.32 cm


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